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The Italrom Office Building is a project of interiors for an engineering design company in Bucarest. Due to the very narrow lot, the new constructed building is higher than its surrounding neighbours and was developed on 6 levels. The interiors were designed with a use of raw, basic materials (like concrete, steel and glass) that recall the construction industry which is a client’s business. The added single colour recalls the company logo. The main architectural concept was to underline simplicity and functionality, which are the main virtues of engineering design. Each level of the building has a different function. The ground floor hosts the main reception and common spaces for employees (kitchen and dining room). The second and third floor are the open-space areas for employees and services connected to them, like small meeting rooms, projector room, printing room and server room. The fourth and fifth floor host the offices of management, administration employees and conference rooms. The last, sixth floor is a leisure are with a terrace offering a view of the city.

Designed for Italrom Inginerie Internationala

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