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The Touristic Port in Mangalia was a big architectural and urban planning challenge. The concept was to create a long boulevard with a simple and pure forms that together would give life and architectural integrity the area. The project lot is situated next to a large shipyard which was causing many problems during the construction phase which could be continuously interrupted. The best solution for type of an investment was a concept of modular units that can be easily transported and positioned without foundations. This gave the possibility to divide the construction into many phases that ensures continuity of production, flexibility and independence from the economy condition in the local market. Each module has two levels. The ground floor is designed to host any commercial activity of the touristic port like: restaurants, cafeterias, scuba diving, boat rental etc. The second level of each unit contains a room of a diffused hotel with a splendid view at the sea.

Designed with Studio Blast Architetti, Italy.

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